Custom-Made Hardware

Chief Ling manufacture hardware products according to customers' design, we had made various hardware with exclusive design from customers. Let me introduce our manufacture procedure, it includes: Pressing, Lathe, Die Cast, Forge, Plastic Injection, plastic Blow …. And the material including: Steel, Iron, Stainless Steel, Brass, Zinc Alloy, Aluminum, plastic, Rubber, Silicon ...
Custom-Made Hardware

Customized Garden Tool

New Garden Tool

We have developed a new garden tool -Dirt Snatcher for a US customer; it was a whole new way to garden, and the customer was a very cautious engineer, so he sent the inquiry to us continuously. The customer requested a quotation for the shovel first, next the metal parts, then the plastic handle, and finally the whole set of tool.

The processing time for this tool was almost 1 year, and then we made the first prototype. We had modified the prototype for many times; but eventually we made it and our customer was very satisfied and happy with the end product.

Picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only.
  • Customized Garden Tool
  • Customized Garden Tool
  • Customized Garden Tool

    Cable Tie

    Cable ties make wiring and cable installations clean and well-organized.Use them to bundle and secure wire and cable, these ties are very easy to use; simply zip and snip. With good tensile strength and insulation, not easy to get aging. Just insert tie into the lock of head and pull out easily to bundle it.The standard colors are natural, black, other special colors are available upon request.

    For your information, we have many clients in middle-east countries and the economic quantity is a 20' container. The most popular cable tie is CV series that we usually export them with a 20’ container to our Iran customer.

    Picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only.
    • Cable Tie
    • Cable Tie
    • Cable Tie

      PVC Corrugated Sheet

      There are 5 popular colors for choice: semi-transparent, green, red, blue, yellow.

      PVC corrugated sheet is one of our main products in export trade that is made in Taiwan with high quality, reputations with over 20 years of experiences and our customers are all satisfied with our high quality and best services, delivery

      The material is resilient and durable, non-flammable, non-corrosive. It is the most excellent and modern construction material and the necessity of manufacturing plants and residential buildings. It can be used in interior and exterior decoration, garden house, pavilion.

      It could be OEM according customers’ request with length, width, thickness and pitch(76mm or 63mm) case by case. Our customers are main sourcing U.A.E, Nigeria and other Middle-East area and they always choose 3~4 colors to combine into a 20’ or 40’ container for economical shipment, and there are 5 popular colors for choice: semi-transparent, green, red, blue, yellow.

      Picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only.
      • PVC Corrugated Sheet
        • PVC Corrugated Sheet


          We make doorknob by metal (zinc alloy, brass, steel…etc.) or plastic according to customers’ demand. MOQ is 500pcs per style. Here we represent the latest customized doorknob made for American customer for reference. The design is a bow with solid zinc alloy material, various plating such as brass plated, chrome plated, anti-brass plated…etc. The customer are very satisfied with the actual product as it completely made his design come true with very good quality.

          Picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only.

          Hose Clamp

          our product brand “WS”is very famous all over the world.

          We are a professional exporter in all kinds of hose clamps such as American type, Germany type, Zebra type, Butterfly clamps…etc. with reputations over 20 years of experiences in Taiwan, especially our product brand “WS” is very famous all over the world.

          Our customers are from Iran, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Peru, Nigeria, U.S.A.,, Malaysia, Belarus, Spain,….all over the world that prices are quote according customers’ inquiry with different sizes, material, q’ty case by case.

          The popular items in Middle East, Europe, Asia…. are American Type that sizes are HF-2101 (width: 8.0m/m), HF-2202 (width:12.7mm,T:0.7mm) and HF-2203 (width:12.7mm,T:0.6mm) series , also the clamps can be stamped with brand ‘WS & TAIWAN’, ‘TAIWAN’, or blank that all according customers’ local marketing requests.

          The material options are: stainless Steel (All in SS#400 or #300/Housing & Band: SS #400 or SS#300, Screw: Steel/Band: #410 SS, Housing and Screw: Steel), all in galvanized Steel, Yellow Zinc plated.

          In the Middle East, the economic shipment is 20'x1 or 40’x1 with material in galvanized steel or yellow zinc plated generally, other country such Europe, USA, Asia... are CFS by CFS.

          Picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only.
          • Hose Clamp


            We offer various kinds of drillers: metric cobalt stub drill, stub drills steel metric, jobber drills steel metric, concrete drill bits…etc. The material includes CO5%, HSS4241, YG8C TUNGSTEN CARBIDE, body material: 45# carbon steel. Finish are also optional: ground gold, rolled black, polished titan, nickel plated…etc.The general sizes are 3.2mm, 9/64”mm, 5/32”mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm…etc., size can be customized.

            Picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only.
            • Driller

              Bonded Washer

              The unique bonding process is one of the best characteristics of bonded washers.

              That is, bond the fastened packing material to a facing material with excellent flexibility. The miscellaneous materials of backings and facings are supplied for the demands of different environments. In addition, the coneshaped design makes the rubber afford 100% protection wherever the sealing properties are required.

              Such washers are also widely applied in cushioning. As to certain easily reined or fragile material, like fiberglass, plastic, glass, etc…, this washer supplies an obvious effect when utilized for cushioning.

              Picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only.
              • Bonded Washer
              • Bonded Washer


                The shipping documents are all made by customers’ specific request.

                We made four kinds of customized screws and export to Iran for over 15 years.

                Please advise your screw inquiry with the following info :

                1) The picture or drawing with full specifications.
                2) The material:1. is stainless steel (SS304 series? or SS430 series) or carbon steel in low, middle or high?2.The finish (Zinc plated, yellow plated or others...) and the Chromated is Cr6 or Cr3 if material is carbon steel.3.The screws have the "Heat treat" or not. If yes, please advise how hard of degree for HRC (Rockwell).
                3) Thread size x pitch: Metric (ex: M2x8, M4x10…etc.) or inch (#8-32, #6-32…etc.)
                4) Ordering q'ty .

                Picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only.
                • Screws

                  Nuts with Nylon

                  Nylon-insert locknuts are excellent for use where a long-term lock is necessary, or to prevent loosening due to vibration.

                  Nuts (NF/NC/RC/RF) Material: Steel in Cr3 plated
                  NF : 3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8…
                  NC : 1/4,5/16,3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8,3/4
                  RC : M-6/M-8/M-10/M-12/M-14/M-16…
                  RF : M-10/M-12/M-14/M-16/M-18…

                  Nylon insert lock nuts are self-locking nuts, six-sided nuts with nylon-filled collars at their back end. These collars adhere to the thread of the fastener bolt or screw they are being used with. When a bolt or screw reaches the collar, the threads and nylon form a tight, frictional fit, restricting movement of the fastener.

                  Picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only.
                  • Nuts with Nylon

                    Metal Part

                    We manufacture metal parts according to customers’ drawing and information of material, size details, finish…etc. to meet customers’ special or professional function. Curving logo is also acceptable. For example, we made the 2-hole pin for an American customer. The assigned material is brass and #SS303, with laser-curving logo on the product.

                    Picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only.
                    • Metal Part

                      Double Sided Tape

                      We offer various kinds of double sided tape with different material for industrial usage

                      1. Tissue paper: Featuring high adhesion, high cohesiion and easy-to-tear.
                      2. EVA foam: High tack, high shear strength excellent for general purpose wall mounting hooks.
                      3. PE: High internal strength, long-aging for attachine graphic decoration on automobiles.

                      Picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only.
                      • Double Sided Tape

                        Choke Chain

                        We produce choke chain, tie out chains for dogs, as the name implies, they are made of metal links and is designed to control your dog by tightening around your dog's neck. It is supposed to sit high up on the dog's neck just behind her ears. These adjustable dog chain collars are chrome plated, nickel plated, zinc plated, argon welded…etc. and made of high quality steel materials. The sizes come from dia 1.6mm to 4.5mm, length 8” to 20”, sizes also can be customized. They are well welded and are easy to use. A ring is also provided so that leash can be attached to the collar, or different accessories of rings can be choosen. This makes handling of your dog easy. We also can provide tags printing upon customers’ logo/artwork, and attach the tags on the choke chain.

                        Picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only.
                        • Choke chain

                          Belt Buckle

                          We provide custom metal belt buckle with various materials: zinc alloy, bronze, iron…etc., also with multiple plating effect: gold, silver, nickel, chrome, bronze, copper, antique, shiny…etc.

                          With more than 20 years of production experience of belt buckle, we will provide you with the most reasonable price and high quality products. We also canl give you the professional opinion based on your design if you are not sure about the material, plating or effect. OEM order and customized design are welcome.

                          Picture is customer's exclusive design for reference only.
                          • Belt Buckle
                          • Belt Buckle
                          • Belt Buckle

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